(division of thomas & betts) PVC Fittings and Accessories, Carflex, ENT, Outlet Boxes, Enclosures, Wire Trough, Plenum-Gard, Riser-Gard, Weatherproof Boxes and Covers—Terms: 2% 10th, Net 30; Minimum: $150; T&B freight terms apply.

Splice Box Assemblies, Underground Vaults, Pedestals, Equipment and Telephone Pads, and More – Made of Polymer Concrete, Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester, or Rotocast Polyethylene — Terms: Net 30; $100 min.; Freight: $5000.

Innerduct (HDPE) and Installation Accessories. Plus freight or freight included.

Industrial & Commercial Fans & Ventilation Equipment – Terms: Net 30; $100 Min.; Freight: $5,700 List.

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LED lamps, recessed, indoor and outdoor fixtures including Beta and Kramer brand fixtures in HID and LED sources. Premier LED products with the latest technology for most lumens per watt. Also offering light poles with fixtures. Net 30; Freight: $3000. Some poles +frt only.

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American Midwest Power Electrical Distribution Equipment. Terms: Net 30; Freight $2000.

Building wire, THHN, XHHW-2, USE-2 & Bare Copper Terms: Net 30; $500 min.; Freight 5000 lbs.

NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4x, 12 enclosures, wiring trough – Terms: 2% 30, net 31. $50 Min., Freight: $1000.

Troffer and Strip Retrofit Kits—Save energy and $ without removing existing fixtures! – Terms: Net 30; No Min.; Freight: $4000.


Commercial, Industrial and Retail Lighting including LED Lighting, T8/T5 Hibays, Troffers, RDI, Wraps, Under Cabinet, Emergency, and HID and retrofit kits. Terms: 1% 10th, Net 25th; Min.: $250; Freight: $1000.

Linear fluorescent, compact fluorescent, T5 and T5HO, magnetic HID (eHID), step dimming, 010V  analog  dimming,  DALI  digital  dimming,  demand  response,  PIR occupancy sensors, lamps  and  lampholders, plus LED modules, LED drivers, LED chain systems, LED retrofit kits and LED fixtures. Terms: 2% 30, Net 45; $100 Minimum; Freight: $500.                                                                                 

Standard, hinged and decorative steel & aluminum poles and brackets; Net 30; Freight: $1500.

Fittings for Rigid-IMC, EMT, Push EMT, Liquid Tight conduit, non-metallic cable & portable cord, grounding/bonding, voice/data, fire alarm, service entrance cable/conduit, hazardous location, AC/MC/FMC and transitions. Also, bushings, clamps and hangers. – Terms: 2% 10th, Net 30; $100 Min.; Freight: 750 lbs. or $2000.

Electric Space Heating Systems – Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Architectural. Terms: 1% 10th Prox. Net 25th; Freight: Prepaid and allowed if $1500.

GRS, EMT, Alum. & EMT elbows, nipples, and couplings made in the USA. Terms: 2% 10th, net 25th; Min.:$50; Freight: $500.

Dry type 600V, K-Factory, DIT, Buck Boost, Industrial Control Transformers – $100 Min., Freight: $1000.

Coiled cords, custom cables and IP68 connectors – Terms: Net 30; Min: $100; Plus freight.

Instrumentation, Tray, Control, Medium Voltage, Armored Cable, Low Voltage Cables – Terms: Net 30; Min.: $500;  Freight: 5000 lbs.

Romex, SEU, MC Staples & Cable Stacker – Terms: 2% 10th Prox. Net 25th, 30K pieces min.; Freight: 60K pieces.

Bare copper, alum. Overhead, URD, ACSR, & Aluma-Clad cable – Terms: Net 30; $200 Min.

Eiko offers all types—including HID, extra long life T8, reduced wattage T8 and T5HO, and LED linear, u-bend and decorative lamps. Terms: Net 30; $150 min.; Freight: $1000.

Nicor is your source for recessed lighting, LED step lights, track and track heads for use with LED lamps, LED emergency lighting, LED undercabinet fixtures and more. Terms: Net 30; No Min.; Freight: $1800.

Copper, Galvanized, and Stainless Steel Ground Rods and Connectors – Terms: Net 30; Minimum: $125; Freight: Prepaid and allowed on either $1500 or $1900 of rods and connectors or $125 on connectors only.

PVC Conduit, PV Mold, Split Duct and Elbows 2” and larger – Freight: Pipe prepaid if $7000+ - Bore-Gard, Multi-Gard – Plus Freight.

Mineral Insulated (MI), RHW, 2-Hour Fire Rated Cable – Terms: Net 30; Minimum: $100/500; Freight: Prepaid and charge.

High-Safety Luminaire Support System – Poles and Brackets – Terms: Net 30; Plus Freight.

Fiberglass (Above/Below Ground, Bullet Resistant) Conduit, Fittings, Hanger Systems AND MORE – Call for terms.