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Flexcore is a highly-flexible conductor intended to be utilized in raceways for services, feeders, and branch-circuit wiring as specified by the NEC. It is optimal for data center applications with reduced bending radii. Flexcore is flexible like DLO, or diesel locomotive cable, but listed for use in buildings unlike DLO. It’s high strand count increases the conductive surface area and flexibility. Flexcore utilizes Class I stranding which maximizes flexibility while still allowing the use of standard termination lugs. Flexcore can be purchased on standard reels, on our self-spinning Reel Payoffs and our segmented Real Deal.

TC-ER SE-R Hybrid

TC-ER SE-R Hybrid is a combination cable that can be used as TC-ER-JP or SE-R for indoor and outdoor, above ground and underground applications. TC-ER SE-R Hybrid cable can easily transition from SE-R to TC-ER instantly and can run anywhere indoors that traditional SE-R can run. TC-ER SE-R Hybrid cable utilizes a more robust jacket than normal SE-R cable, making it less prone to damage during tough residential and commercial installation.

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