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Schaeffer Marketing’s Energy Expertise Helps You Sell Energy Retrofit Projects

  • Schaeffer Marketing Group is a registered Ameren Trade Ally in both MO and IL and is a member of Ameren’s Valued Partner Network.
  • Utility rebate incentive program expertise and assistance.
  • High quality lighting products from manufacturers of the full breadth and depth of available lighting technology – with fixtures and controls.
  • We can prepare lighting layouts and point-by-point design proposals.
  • Energy savings analysis including all applicable rebates and EPAct Tax Incentive Program
  • Program application assistance – we help you fill out and submit all forms.

We do this everyday—small projects and very large projects. We help you pay for your lighting project with incentive funds!

Contact Us

Please call us for assistance with your Ameren applications, payback analysis/proposals, and lighting layouts.

Save 70% of energy with LED Smartcast fixtures

Or save another 40% on top of savings with LED fixtures